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Performing Rights Organizations

When a song is played, the songwriter should be paid. MusicPlay Analytics helps Performing Rights Organizations accurately pay songwriters when their songs are played in businesses.

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MusicPlay Analytics allows establishments to maximize the true value of the music played in their business, understand more about their patrons and leverage this information to increase their bottom lines. Big Data For small business.

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Music Industry

MusicPlay Analytics allows record labels, songwriters, artists, managers, booking agents and promoters to more accurately target tour and release promotions in the real world—based on the locations of song performances and their audience.

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When a song is played, the songwriter should be paid. Period.

Did you know that even if a song is performed or broadcast in a business, the songwriter doesn’t get paid for that performance unless the song is on the radio?

We use technology to identify performances in businesses so songwriters get paid regardless of radio play—a surprisingly revolutionary concept.



MusicPlay Analytics utilizes a patent-pending monitoring device that connects to an establishment’s audio system, identifies the songs played and transmits the information to our database.


We capture all relevant meta-data necessary for Performing Rights Organizations to administer royalty payments and allow Songwriters and Artists, Managers, Booking Agents and Brands to understand where and when a performance occurs.


We believe understanding where songs are played in the real world is important. Understanding customer behavior in the real world is important. We make drawing valuable insights from the music played and people that frequent a business easy.


Our monitoring device doubles as an iBeacon. Other iBeacon systems are expensive and require you to have your own app. As a music licensee, our beacon hardware is free and we give you a customizable reward app to enhance customer loyalty.

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